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2022 Million Dollar Bike Ride


Virtual Spin Class:

Do you own a stationary bike and a streaming device?  Join Team FAVA virtually by registering and participating in the Million Dollar Bike Ride virtual spin class, hosted by the Orphan Disease Center, on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 7:00 pm EST.   

Step 1:  Commit to Spinning!  

Check the MDBR’s Registration Page for updates re: the date of the class.  (Scroll down to "Virtual Cyclist").  Commit to participating, and reach each out to family and friends to participate too!

Step 2:  Set Up Your Fundraising Page 

Click HERE to set up your fundraising page.  You will be directed to Project FAVA’s Million Dollar Bike Ride homepage on our fundraising platform, Givebutter.  Click on the “Fundraise” button, and follow the instructions to set up your own personal fundraising page.*   

Step 3:  We kindly request that you either donate $50 (or whatever amount you can) or commit to raising at least $250.  One-hundred percent of your donation and fundraising dollars go directly to Team FAVA and is tax-deductible in the United States.       

Step 4:  Share Your Fundraising Page

Share your personal fundraising page with friends and family via email, social media, and direct text message**.    

Step 5:  Join MDBR’s Strava Club (Optional) and Have Fun (Mandatory)! 

Strava is a website and app that allows you to track your performance and log your miles.  When you join Strava’s Million Dollar Bike Ride Club, in addition to logging your miles, you can view leaderboards, activity, members, and club posts, and you can be an active part of the community raising money for rare disease research.

Please do not forget to thank your friends and family who donate.  :)   


Thank you in advance for your participation and support


*Your page will automatically contain a summary of the MDBR and Team FAVA.  Please feel free to also add your personal story and photos on your fundraising page.  Optional language to include:

Dear friends and family,

As you may know, I have been diagnosed with a rare disease called a fibro-adipose vascular anomaly.  INSERT DETAILS HERE OF YOUR JOURNEY.  

On Saturday, June 11, I am (strapping on my helmet/lacing up my sneakers) and (riding/running/walking) my best for Team FAVA in the 2022 Million Dollar Bike Ride.  I am (riding/running/walking) (in Philadelphia/virtually) to improve the lives of everyone like me with FAVA.    

Thank you in advance for supporting me!  

**Our fundraising platform, Givebutter, makes the process of fundraising very easy.  Some options you can use to engage donors with the click of one button:

  • Share your fundraising page via Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, and Whatsapp.    

  • Copy the link from your fundraising page and send it directly to friends and family. 

  • Text-to-Donate:  Your supporters can donate in seconds by sending a text to 53-555 with the keyword FAVA.  They will automatically receive a link to Team FAVA’s campaign. 

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